Friday, October 7, 2011

Yay! People who speak English!

Yesterday was a busy day. We had an orientation with all the other people who are participating in the auxiliares program who live in the Jaen region. There were over 100 of us which I was surprised by. It was good to meet some other Americans and British people. We already started planning where we wanted to go on trips and decided this weekend we should go down to Granada for the weekend. The orientation was suuuper boring and it lasted about 6 hours but it was worth it because after they served us lunch. We had paella, a traditional spanish meal dish, and then we had a huge chicken leg with potatoes and then flan for desert. And unlimited beer. 

Heres a picture of the paella

After the orientation I went with 2 other British girls to check out their apartments. Their apartments are a lot nicer than mine. They both had marble floors and they were higher up so they had a lot more light. We were talking about our experiences with living with other spaniards and venting our frustrations when it came to communicating with them. Anyways, here is a picture of the view from one girls apartment.

so sick!

And then we went back to our apartments showered and changed and then headed back out to meet up with more people and get drinks and tapas. We ended up at a tapas restaurant in the center of the city, it was down this little cobblestone side street. It was right next to this big church. Here are 2 pictures from that.

Then we headed out to a few local bars and I made the irresponsible decision to stay out until 4am. Getting up this morning was no picnic. 

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