Monday, October 10, 2011

Granada and Salobreña

This weekend me and two friends went to Granada and a small beach town called Salobreña. Granada is about an hour bus ride south of Jaen and Salobreña is about an hour south of Granada. We arrived in Granada at around 2:30 on Saturday, got to the hostel dropped our stuff and headed out. We first grabbed some drinks and lunch at a restaurant nearby and then we decided we would try and see if we could get into the Alhambra. The Alhambra is a Moorish fortress and palace at the top of a large hill that overlooks all of Granada.

 We got there and all the tickets were sold out but we had the option to walk around a small part of the fortess for free and get to see a great view of Granada. So we had a beer and looked out on to this...

After we walked back down and went back to the hostel, to find out where we could watch some flamenco dancing and my roommate had told me about a place called Mirador San Nicholas which has one of the best views in the whole city. The flamenco dancing takes place in these little caves that are built into the hill. So we bought our ticket and then walked alllll the way up to the mirador, got a litre of beer and watched the sunset. 

Then we went back, got changed, smoked hookah with the other people in the hostel and then headed out for some flamenco dancing. For those of you who don't know, this is a hookah and its used to smoked TABACCO (not pot ;) ) Its a common thing to do especially in places like Morocco. Granada is very similar to Morocco in a lot of ways. 
Here is a little vid of the flamenco

I'm definitely going to take classes, I love the dresses! 

Then today we took the bus down to Salobreña and camped out on the beach alllll day. Couldn't have asked for a better day because the locals were having parties in tents on the beach. All of the women and the little girls had on traditional flamenco dresses and they were cooking food in their tents, drinking and dancing flamenco. They were celebrating Feria which is pretty much a week long party. Feria in Jaen is this week, cant wait! 

Then we had a late lunch/early dinner and ate the best paella I have ever had and watched the sunset.

Thats it for now, its back to "reality", I have to work a whole 3 hours tomorrow with some little kids, I'm thinking we'll play some freeze dance for physical education. :)


  1.'s a tough life you lead mi hija. Love the video of the flamenco dancer!

  2. looks like you are having a great time, you and your mom can perform a little flamenco dancing for us when you come home. Thanks for sharing. Deb