Monday, May 14, 2012

Summing up the past few months

Wow I haven't updated this thing in almost three months? What have I been doing? I have a 12 hour work week.. you would think I would be able to keep this thing up to date...

Anyways my time in Spain is coming to an end...but I'm not too sad because I have decided to return next year! I will however, miss the awesome people I've met this year..couldn't have asked for a better crew to go on adventures with. I'm really going to miss all of them :(

So lets see..last time I wrote I had just gone to the Canary Islands. The weekend after that two of my friends and I flew out to Amsterdam to see an electronic music festival. Amsterdam is an amazing place if you haven't been. Such a pretty city, people are so nice and it has a young kinda hipstery vibe to it. Its one of those cities where you can walk around for hours and not even realize it because theres so much going on all the time. After that trip I was pretty traveled out and stayed put in Jaen for the rest of March.

The first week in April is Semana Santa, which is a holy week where all of Spain has a week off and during the week there are religious processions through the streets and what be honest I don't know too much about the history of Semana Santa..all I know is that I get a week off haha. So halfway through the week I met my friend Amy in BARCELONA! My favorite city ever. We had a great time, we saw one of our favorite DJ's on night and met some cool kids in our hostel. Here is a pic of the hostel room...

Looks like one big fort..but it was actually very comfortable and clean. While we were in Barcelona there was a procession going on, here's a pic of that too...

Robes are creepy right??

And here is a pic from the show we saw, tried to get a good one but it was hard because I couldn't stop moving to take the picture.

After Barcelona I was broke so I stayed in Jaen for most of April. During this time we adopted a little dog for a few weeks until we could find her a home. Here name is Duna, she was three months old and she was very sweet. We did end up finding a home for her.

So a few weeks ago, the Jaen crew went on an EPIC roadtrip, 10 of us crammed in to two small european cars and drove four hours to Tarifa which is supposed to be this cool surfy town. The drive down was so much fun just playing music and being silly but it was a very scenic drive...

 But of course it rained the entire time we were there so we really didn't get the full experience but we did make the most of it. We had 10 awesome people and an apartment, we kept ourselves entertained to say the least. After spending two rainy days and nights in Tarifa we got in the car and did a day trip to Gibraltar. Gibraltar is actually part of the UK and you need your passport to walk in. I would say I spent a total of 15 mins in the UK before a few of us decided we did not want to brave the rain and wind to go up on the big rock thats in the middle. Of course the second we stepped back into Spain, the sun came out and it ended up being a really nice day. Lesson learned...bad things happen when you leave Spain :) The we got back in the car and headed to a city called Fuengirola that is also right on the beach, but of course it rained most of the time we were there also. We did get a good beach day in on the day we had to leave. BUT again we still had an awesome time despite the weather and I think this video sums it all up real the video HERE

After the road trip we returned back to Jaen and have been enjoying the lovely weather that we have now. Its sunny and at least 85 degrees everyday. There is a great park by my house that my friends and I go to to lie out.

Our most recent adventure was to Granada yesterday. We went down for a friends birthday party and of course, had an awesome time. Met people from all over the place. That has to be one of the best things about living abroad is the amount of people you meet and connections you make. Everyone already has one thing in common...the desire to experience new things.The house where the party was at had an awesome rooftop terrace where I snapped a few pics.
The Alhambra right there up on the left hand side.

Sierra Nevada

Good people and good times

After the party we went back to get changed and we headed out to check out some different bars/clubs around Granada. We had such a great time that by the time we left the club it was sunny out.
So since I got something like three hours of sleep last night I have to get to bed. Hope you all enjoyed reading!