Saturday, October 1, 2011

Making up for the past 2 days

The past two days have been pretty relaxing. I've been hanging out with my roommates in the apartment and we've gone out for wine and tapas a few times. They have a lot of great tapas places here and with each drink you get free tapas! Its great, so today my roommate and I went out for wine we and we each had 3 glasses of vino de verano (wine with lemon, tastes similar to sangria) and we got three different tapas plates all for 10 euros. The weather has been beautiful and we did a bit of shopping yesterday. We also are planning on going to a concert next Saturday and we bought our tickets today. I'll post a video sometime next week.

Here's a few pictures from the past 2 days.

Street where we went shopping

Tapas and vino de verano, not really sure what the tapas were but they were tasty.

Another view overlooking the city

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