Sunday, October 16, 2011


This weekend was the kick off to a week long party/fair that takes place at the fairgrounds in Jaen. They have carnival rides and they have big white tents that restaurants, bars and nightclubs set up. During the day families come with their children to participate it the festivities. The women and young girls dress up in gitana outfits

Me and a few friends walked around during the day for a few hours. Then decided to leave to get ready to come back for the night time festivities. At around midnight, the families leave and the young adults dress up and walk towards the fair grounds to start botellon-ing before the night gets going. Botellon-ing is the act of drinking outside in the street with bottles in throngs of people. Then around 2am the night starts to really get going and people go from tent to tent dancing and drinking until about 7am. The rides are also still open throughout the whole night. I took advantage of the bumper cars and some spinny ride which I immediately regretted.   

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