Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just one of those days...

Im taking to my blog to vent my frustration about today.
So, last night I made a flyer that advertises my services as an English tutor. I refuse to use any of the fonts on word so I spent way too long on finding a font online. After I figured out how to make a table and change the orientation of the writing it was done.
 Woke up today, found the printing place, opened up my document and of course the font was all wonky, the picture didn't come out and the words were all over the page. Walked back to my apartment and took a screenshot of my flyer, walked back spent 15 minuets trying to figure out how to get it to fit the page, it prints...aaand the email is all wrong, I've never even had the email address that I put on there.
Go back to the apartment, fix the email, walk back and realize oooof course its 2pm and its closed for siesta. Walk back, crack a beer, feeling a little better. I wait around for 5oclock walk back to the copy place and my hard drive cord is loose so you have to finagle the cord juuust right for it to connect, that takes a good 10 minutes. It opens, it prints, ooo wait the bottom is cut off and you can't read the email that I just fixed. Finally it prints correctly except for one minor issue...

it printed with the red squiggly lines...whatevss its still readable I'm throwing them up anyways cause I'm embarrassing myself at this copy place.

Thanks for listening. Expect better posts after this weekend.

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  1. Personally, I like the red squiggly line. Makes it stand out