Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Canary Islands

Hello! My apologies for not keeping up with the blog, its been a crazy month. So I just came back from the Canary Islands and it was absolutely amazing. Perfect weather, beautiful scenery and good people. We spent the majority of our time in Las Palmas on the island Gran Canaria (there are 8 islands that belong to the canaries). We made a day trip down to the southern part of the island to an area called Maspalomas. There, they had a beach that had huge sand dunes on it...

We also met some cool people at this bar that was right across the street from our hostel. This old dude pretty much has been running an arepa restaurant/bar since 1974 and he writes poetry. Why can't I do that? Just write poetry and go to the beach all day..But everyone we met there was super nice, I think it has something to do with everyone getting enough vitamin D.
Anyways after all that fun in the sun I am going to Amsterdam to go see a music festival this weekend and then I never want to get on a plane again because I'm travelled out.

If you want to see some more pictures here is the link, (I just realized you could do this)

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