Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vienna, Graz, Prague and Budapest

Hellooo fellow readers, I have just returned from an amazing two week vacation traveling around eastern Europe. I just got back a day ago and I slept for about 24 hours, so now that I'm feeling like a human again I thought I would update everyone on my trip. Lets see, first stop was Vienna. We arrived on Christmas eve and we scoured the city for an open place to eat/ a place to eat that didn't cost 40 euros a head for christmas eve dinner. We did find a place in Karlsplatz which is the very center of Vienna. Then headed back to the hostel (which was the best hostel ever) The hostel bar was open that night so we did find something to do with the several drink tickets the staff gave us upon arrival. The next day was Christmas day and we went to one of the markets where they had all kinds of food and handmade things that people were selling.

The next day in Vienna we discovered that everything was pretty much closed except for the amusement park that has the oldest ferris wheel in the world.

 The next day we had to leave later in the day but we were able to walk around the city for a few hours and we checked out the Belvedere which houses some famous art. When we went, I think they were shooting a movie or something there because one side was all lit up with stage lights.

Then we took the train to Graz, a smaller city in Austria. We arrived late at night and took a cab to our hostel which was in a not so nice area of the city. The hostel was eerie and we were in the basement and I'm pretty sure we were the only ones staying there that night. At least it was clean. The next morning we got up and met up with Amy and walked around the city. We also went to a photography exhibit that was in this really cool looking museum called "the friendly alien".
NEXT STOP: Prague!
We took the 8 hour train ride to Prague

Prague was my favorite city out of all of them. The architecture was amazing, such a beautiful city. The nightlife was really fun. It was the perfect place to ring in the new year. The first night when we got there we decided to do a pub crawl and that was really fun. We ended up at the biggest nightclub in central Europe. The next day we got up and walked around the city and we went to visit the famous John Lennon wall.

The artwork on the wall was awesome and it was cool just reading all the stuff people had written on there. We added our own little something to it. 

Here's another picture of Prague that I took from the bridge. So PRETTY!

So we were in Prague for four days and then we took the train over to Budapest. 
Budapest, for those of you who don't know, is actually two cities Buda and Pest that are separated by the Danube river and accesible by bridges.  Our hostel was located right near one of the bridges. The hostel was really nice and in a great location. Budapest was also a gorgeous city and we took a night boat tour around the river to snap some shots since the weather wasn't all that good. We spent four days also in Budapest and we saw an opera (La Boheme). 

I don't have any pictures of the opera house but my friends do and it will be included in an album with about 150 more pictures of the trip. 
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a very happy new years!

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